How to get a print job from...

You want to to see if Print Wizard will work for you, but first you have to figure out the plumbing; that is, how to get print data from your existing application (or one you're about to write) into Print Wizard. There's so many options!!! Let's see if we can narrow it down.

If your app runs on Unix, Linux, AIX, etc.

Using Anzio with AS400


While Anzio does not support the IBM 5250 and 3270 terminal emulation types, both Anzio and AS/400's do support the VT terminal types (vt100, vt220, etc.). As long as the application on the AS/400 is not written for a specific terminal type, or uses the vt terminal type, Anzio should be able to work fine. Here are some hints in setting the AS/400 up to use telnet and the vt terminal type.

Additional hints and suggestions for the use of TCP/IP on an AS/400 can be found at the IBM web site.