How to get a print job from...

You want to to see if Print Wizard will work for you, but first you have to figure out the plumbing; that is, how to get print data from your existing application (or one you're about to write) into Print Wizard. There's so many options!!! Let's see if we can narrow it down.

If your app runs on Unix, Linux, AIX, etc.

Print Wizard with Library Software

What is Print Wizard?

Print Wizard is a family of programs dealing with printing, scanning, faxing, PDF generation, and emailing.

What programs are part of the Print Wizard family?

Print Wizard Service Edition

PWSE makes a Windows machine act as a printer server. It can accept jobs in a variety of ways from other computers or the same computer.

Print Wizard Personal Edition

PWPE is a more limited version, that must be launched for each print job.