Print Wizard 4: End-users and Developers Enjoy New Product Features

Includes Electronic Signing, PDF Generation and Markup, and Elimination of Pre-Printed Forms

We are excited to have released Print Wizard 4.0.  Print Wizard 4 is a rich toolkit for enhancing printing, electronic document generation, form elimination, and email and fax control. The new version of Print Wizard also provides the ability to read, view, mark up and print PDF files; enables electronic signing of documents on tablet- and slate-based PCs; eliminates the need for pre-printed multi-part forms and dot matrix printers; and provides the ability to respond to Windows 7 flicks and multi-touch.

The new features of Print Wizard, especially the electronic signing capability, provide end-users and developers with a greener and less expensive alternative for their print jobs. Visit the Print Wizard section to download a demo version, samples, technical notes and manual.

“I’ve installed Print Wizard for several of my clients,” said Robert Repko, president, R Squared Consultants. “Many had purchased Windows-only printers and without Print Wizard would never have been able to print from Unix. It is an excellent product.”

“I’ve been in the IT field for 15 years and Rasmussen Software has provided me with some of the best support I’ve ever received,” said Dan Snyder, IT manager, Mercury Electronics.

“If you have pretty much any kind of printing to do, get Print Wizard,” said Bill Haskett, partner, Advantos Systems, Inc. “When we took on the difficult task of converting reports to PDFs, we found the most simple and direct solution was using Print Wizard. It worked very smoothly.”

“Many users and vendors of Print Wizard are eager to move to greener and less-expensive printing alternatives,” said Bob Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Software, Inc. “The new version of our product gives them the tools to do that without massive amounts of recoding effort.”

About Print Wizard

Our Print Wizard software consists of a rich toolkit for enhancing printing, electronic document generation, form elimination, and email and fax control. This Windows-based software can act as a network print server, receiving print jobs from heterogeneous systems, modifying them in various ways, and then outputting them to fax, PDF and emailed PDF, or any Windows-supported printer. Print Wizard accepts legacy print data in various formats; understands PCL, Epson, Oki and IBM escape codes; handles a wide range of international text; imposes form images; eliminates the need for dot matrix printers; initiates and controls emails and faxes; and archives print jobs. It is used by both end-users wishing to retrofit their applications and by application developers who want to enhance their offerings.

Availability and Price

The new Print Wizard is available now and pricing starts at $120 (U.S.), depending on feature set. Visit Product Pricing for more detailed information.