Print Wizard Service Edition


  • Ease of Use
    • Scripted or through user interface
    • No printer-specific programming
    • Supports any Windows printer
  • Special Features
    • PDF generation
    • Fax print jobs
    • Email print jobs
    • Multi-page overlays
    • Auto-fit to paper
    • Auto font support
    • Print direct, through spooler or through Windows
  • PWML Mark-Up
    • Add special features through easy-to-use mark-up language
    • Position items exactly
    • Work with column reports, labels, invoices, special forms and make them look the way they should

Print Wizard command line printing compatible with Windows 7, Windows Server and more

Printing Solutions for Mixed Networks and Windows


Print Wizard Service Edition (SE) automatically intercepts or receives print jobs then filters, adjusts, modifies and converts them in innumerable ways to do auto-fit, text-on-form, multipart form elimination, PCL-to-PDF conversion, electronic invoicing and much more.

The Service Edition is part of the Print Wizard body of software that processeses and prints text -

  •  It takes input from a PC spool folder directly or a third party program or from the network
  •  It outputs it to any printer or faxmodem supported by Windows
  •  It converts it to a PDF and emails it
  •  It allows you to program your print output independant of the printer being used
  •  It supports UNICODE (foreign character sets)
  •  It includes support for form overlays and special forms
  •   AND, best of all, Print Wizard makes it all fit on the page


In addition to this, the Service Edition adds:

  •  LPD server for Windows
  •  "Listen" on a network port (H/P JetDirect protocol)
  •  Despool from a user specified directory
  •  Despool from an FTP server's directory


How is it licensed?

Print Wizard SE is designed to work for local and remote printing and is licensed on a per machine basis - meaning every PC that has Print Wizard on it needs to have a license.  Further, the Service Edition license is based on the number of output devices supported - including printers, fax machines and PDF generation.
  - Print Wizard SE3 - Support for up to 3 output devices
  - Print Wizard SE6 - Support for up to 6 output devices
  - Print Wizard SE10 - Support for up to 10 output devices ... and so on.


What does it cost?

Print Wizard Service Edition starts at $300 for one machine to support up to 3 output devices.


For the current version of Print Wizard Service Edition we recommend Windows Vista, 7,  8, 8.1 or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows Server 2008 or 2012. You should also be on the latest patch release for each operating system. Memory and disk requirements are the minimum required to run Windows.

For more detailed information see Print Wizard Technical Notes and Print Wizard Technical Description.