WePO - A Web Print Object

WePO web print object


From a web link or web page you can:

  • Print
    • Form overlays
    • Barcodes
    • Invoices
    • Shipping labels
    • Tax forms
    • International characters
    • Legacy reports
    • Variable-length receipts
    • Multi-column Labels
  • Control Output
    • Font selection
    • Auto-fit to paper size
    • Orientation
    • Printer setup
    • Print preview
  • Add additional features
    • Printout design based on HTML
    • 12 kinds of barcodes, plus options
    • Bitmap form overlays on any printer
    • PCL overlays on PCL printers
    • Security via HTTPS
    • Object signed by Verisign
    • Fax via WinFax Pro
    • Server-based licensing

Print Wizard command line printing compatible with Windows 7, Windows Server and more

Print Wizard's Web Print Object

WēPO is a Windows ActiveX web page component that, when placed on a web page can "push" a print job from a file or web server to a user's local printer without ever having to display the HTML equivalent to that user. WēPO includes all the advantages of Print Wizard in a web page component package, allowing for auto-fit text, forms overlays, a printer-independent mark-up language and more.

What does it cost?

WēPO starts at $1500.00 per web server with discounts available. WēPO is licensed per web server, per domain name.


We do offer quantity discounts for multiple web server installations and single web servers running multiple domains. Please call for more information.

Educational and library pricing also available.