anzio lite, terminal emulator for windows

Robust, inexpensive terminal emulation for Windows



AnzioWin, terminal emulation and passthrough printing

Robust, inexpensive terminal emulation for Windows



print wizard personal edition

Extensive Printing Solutions for Windows

  Print Wizard Personal Edition (PE) adjusts, modifies, and converts print files in innumerable ways, to do auto-fit, text-on-form, multipart form elimination, PCL-to-PDF conversion,...



Printing Solutions for Mixed Networks and Windows

  Print Wizard Service Edition (SE) automatically intercepts or receives print jobs then filters, adjusts, modifies and converts them in innumerable ways to do auto-fit, text-on-form,...



WePO web print object

Print Wizard's Web Print Object

WēPO is a Windows ActiveX web page component that, when placed on a web page can "push" a print job from a file or web server to a user's local printer without ever having to display...