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Using Anzio on a Tablet PC


AnzioWin and Anzio Lite work just fine on the tablet PCs we have tested with.

Starting in version 12.6 of both AnzioWin and Anzio Lite certain screen management features were updated to handle all aspects of tablet PC screens, including rotation, full zoom mode, etc.

Annotations in AnzioWin with Tablet PCs

Beginning with AnzioWin version 15 we have included an additional feature for pen annotations.

AnzioWin already worked quite well on the new Tablet PCs. Now we have added an annotation capability. When AnzioWin prints a job, and Print Preview is enabled, you can use the Tablet PC's stylus (or a mouse) to mark up the previewed image, which is the first page of the print job. Then when you print the job, that first page will be printed with your markup. You could conceivably generate a PO, combine it with a form image, preview it on your tablet, sign the PO, and fax it out, without it ever hitting paper.

Also, the Print Preview window is now sizable and zoomable. On the Tablet PC, as well as responding well to the rotation of the screen.

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