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  • International Pricing

    Internationalize Your Printing

    Printing in AnzioWin and Print Wizard can include characters from ASCII to Unicode to emoji, as well as numerous legacy character sets. Font selection can be automatic or programmed. Support for bidirectional languages (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew), combining diacritics, line-drawing characters, and double-wide characters is included.

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  • Passthrough Printing Par Excellence!

    Passthrough Printing Par Excellence!

    With AnzioWin as your terminal emulator, your host program can do client-side printing beyond what you thought was possible. If that feature is supported by your host app, we can handle that. If it's not, we have numerous tricks up our sleeve, including SSH backchannel printing.

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  • Push Your Impact Printer into the Recycle

    Push Your Impact Printer into the Recycle

    Move from dot matrix printing on multipart forms into the modern era. Print Wizard can make your laser printer print form images and plain paper with multiple pages from multiple bins, and even put terms on the back. Or selectively generate PDFs and email them.

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  • Secure Your Legacy Environment

    Secure Your Legacy Environment

    Telnet is dead, killed by insecurity. If you're supporting a character-based system with inbound access, Anzio can be your SSH client, giving you the authentication and encryption you need, letting you shut off your telnet access.

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  • PDF Processing Prowess

    PDF Processing Prowess

    AnzioWin and Print Wizard can read and write PDF files, so you can create them a PDF from PCL, create a PDF from plain text, view a PDF, print an existing PDF, use a PDF as a form background, mark up a PDF, add a signature to a PDF, email an invoice as a PDF, and create a PDF archive of your print jobs.

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  • Auto-fit Printing

    Auto-fit Printing

    Printing used to be so simple! Plain text on a plain page! If your application is outputting plain text reports, Print Wizard can automatically fit them to the page. It analyzes each job, checks the printer driver for printable space, and makes it fit! Wide format (132 columns, etc.) can be squeezed in, or go to landscape automatically.

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Our SSH/telnet client (a.k.a. terminal emulator) has a pedigree stretching back 30 years, yet is as up-to-date as your latest Microsoft Windows. Anzio Lite has support for VTxxx, Wyse, Linux, and SCOANSI; various character encodings and menu languages; and screen sizes. AnzioWin has all that plus point-and-shoot file transfer, sophisticated client-side printing, macros, and more.

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Print Wizard

The all-powerful Print Wizard runs on Windows and intercepts, processes, manipulates, and converts print jobs coming from Windows, Linux, or other systems. The Wizard can do:

  • Multipart printing
  • Forms on plain paper
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Printing to PDF
  • PCL-to-PDF
  • Print job archiving
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