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Customization Services

Form Overlay Creation

Rasmussen Software, Inc. has many tools at hand that can help us build those custom forms for overlays. If you are looking at reducing printing costs by cutting out pre-printed forms, we can generate a form overlay for you, clean and ready to go for use with Print Wizard.

Starting at $100.00 USD per form

Consulting Services

Rasmussen Software, Inc. is available for custom programming and system design and consultation services. If you are in need of custom programming and consulting, give us a call, our prices are very competitive.

Application "customizations" and Custom Installers

As part of our ongoing support for our customers, we provide a software customization service whereby any one of our products can be set up to meet your specific companies needs. From a silent installer to one that includes your products and support files, we can set this up for you in a timely fashion.


  • Custom splash screen
  • Auto install (no questions)
  • Install to specific locations
  • Create custom desktop shortcuts
  • Include custom files

Custom Programming

  • Modify behavior of menu items
  • Custom routines and procedures
  • Customize terminal emulation types
  • Custom installer scripting
  • Custom printer driver installation

Customization and modifications services start at $2000.00 USD. If you have a specific need that our current installer or software does not support, give our programming staff a call and see what we can do for you.

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