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Private Label Services

What is a "private label" program?

As part of our ongoing support for our customers, we can provide any of our software as a private label version. This is a version that does not show our company information or company logo, but shows yours. You get to name the program, display your logo, customize it for your colors and your defaults, and in general, create a program that comes from your company as if you wrote it.

"Private Label" programs include custom installation programs, a custom version of our software and any company modifications you request, similar to our "Customization Services", except with your company name and logo on it. This can include any of the following:


  • Custom splash screen
  • Auto install (no questions)
  • Install to specific locations
  • Create custom desktop shortcuts
  • Include custom files such as modified keyboard files, default files, etc.


  • Prevent abnormal termination
  • Include macros or scripting
  • Accelerator keys and menu items

Startup Macros

  • Enhance start with user-defined macros
  • Custom menu items
  • Hide unwanted menu items
  • Start with a pre-loaded default file
  • Start with a company disclaimer or splash screen

Custom Programming

  • Modify behavior of menu items
  • Custom routines and procedures
  • Customize terminal emulation types
  • Custom scripting

What does it cost?

"Private Label" versions of our software start at $2000.00 USD. Pricing depending on the initial number of copies and the customizations you require. Call us for more information.

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