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Developer Offerings

Why Use Our Software?

Rasmussen Software, Inc. has been working with programmers since 1983, providing a collection of communication and printing tools to work with their own applications.

We have supplied numerous vendors with our software, either under a private label or as is, to be included with their software packages in order to provide an end-user solution that is immediately reliable and well tested.

Anzio Lite

Anzio Lite is our basic terminal emulation package supporting multiple terminal types, multiple connection methods and passthrough printing. Anzio Lite supports all the standard keyboard mappings for each terminal type and supports that terminal type’s method for passthrough printing. Anzio Lite also supports numerous, simple file transfer methods, including simple ASCII file transfer, X/Y/Zmodem and Kermit file transfers.


AnzioWin adds a number of features to Anzio Lite, such as support for user-defined macros, scripting through Microsoft’s Script Engine, keyboard remapping and additional methods of file transfer, including FTP and SFTP (Secure Shell FTP).

AnzioWin also includes a passthrough print engine called Print Wizard Embedded, that will help solve all your passthrough print needs.

Add to this the support for OLE and DDE and AnzioWin can solve most all your communications needs.

Print Wizard Personal Edition

The stand-alone Print Wizard Personal Edition can take any file located locally on the PC and print it, fax it, email it or create a PDF file for later viewing. Print Wizard Personal Edition also includes the Print Wizard DLL (discussed below) that can be encapsulated inside your program to perform all the functions of Print Wizard through your application.

Print Wizard Personal Edition can take a local text file, bitmap graphic file, EPS file, SPL file, PCL file, or a scanned document from a common TWAIN device, and print it to any local printer, print to any “raw” device, fax it through Windows fax software or through Symantec’s WinFax Pro, email it through CDO, SMTP, Outlook or MAPI, or generate a common PDF formatted file.

Print Wizard Personal Edition allows you to include INIT files to format the printer the way you need. It includes the ability to include a single-page form overlay or a multiple-page form overlay. It knows how to handle labels, columnar reports and special paper sizes. And best of all, it does the work of automatically formatting text size and pitch to fit the paper size you require.

Print Wizard Service Edition

The stand-alone Print Wizard Service Edition includes all the abilities of Print Wizard Personal Edition see above, plus the added benefits of being able to retrieve the print job files from remote sources. It can then print it, fax it, email it or create a PDF file for later viewing.

Print Wizard Service Edition can receive a file over the LPR/LPD protocol common to most Linux and UNIX systems, it can despool a print job from a local shared directory, it can retrieve the file from an FTP or HTTP server, or it can receive the file from a remote source via the “listen” protocol (listening on a network port similar to the H/P © Jet Direct ® devices).

As with the Personal Edition, the Service Edition also includes the Print Wizard DLL (discussed below) that can be encapsulated inside your program to perform all the functions of Print Wizard through your application.

Print Wizard DLL

The Print Wizard DLL can be called by your program to perform all the functions of Print Wizard through your application. This includes the ability to automatically format text, to print forms overlays, and then take that output and print it, email it, fax it or generate a PDF.

The Print Wizard DLL can be used in conjunction from within your .NET, C++, C#, Visual Basic or Borland Delphi applications to provide all the printing functionality your programs may need.

The Print Wizard DLL is a small footprint standard Windows DLL that will do all the work for you when needing to interface to a printer driver. And with out PWML (Print Wizard Markup Language) you no longer do you need to write printer-specific code in order to take advantage of printer features. PWML (similar to HTML tags) can be included within the print job directly in order to manipulate the output the way you want.

Private Label

All of our products are available as “Private Label” copies. There are roughly 40 companies selling various products we have produced under their own product name, with their own modifications and customizations.

For a very reasonable modification fee and for a minimum order quantity, we can provide you with your own product that does all you need. Let us be your expert in the communication, terminal emulation and printing arena. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

You select the product name, the icons, the help files, the splash screen and anything else you need changed to point to your company.

Custom Programming

Need a feature added to Print Wizard, AnzioWin or Anzio Lite? Want to take menus away from the end-user so they don’t mess up something that now works? Need to distribute AnzioWin or Anzio Lite with your companies default file and modified macros/keys file? Need to always run AnzioWin or Anzio Lite in “kiosk” mode (no menus)?

We provide customization services for all our products. With a small charge, we can set up any Rasmussen Software product to be exactly as you want. This includes both the Windows installer package (to distribute files and build shortcuts as you want them), and the product line.

For Print Wizard, we can add features to support specific printers, specific print layouts (such as labels) and for supporting forms overlays (including creating a “clean” overlay file for you).

For AnzioWin and Anzio Lite, we can change menu names, add or subtract menu items, add additional language support (we currently have support for English, French and Spanish), create scripting and macros, or change the color and overall appearance to match your needs.

We can create a custom installer that installs programs where you want, with your own shortcuts, with your own installed default files and support files.

The Bottom Line

For a price, with our flexible software and our expertise, we can pretty much do what you need in the communications and printing market. And for a small out-of-pocket expense, you can obtain a custom version of any of our software. Just let us know what your needs are and we can give you a price quote.

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