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Customizing Anzio


One of the difficulties with any terminal emulation program, is making it look and feel the way each user thinks it should. In trying to make AnzioWin and Anzio Lite flexible to match the majority of user needs, we have come up with several customizable options for the Anzio products.

With AnzioWin and Anzio Lite version 12.4 and later, most of the options mentioned below are included in the Advanced Options dialog. If you are using a version 12.4 or later copy of Anzio, please see help on this dialog in the Anzio manual.

Removing menu items

One of the first methods of adjusting Anzio's menu items is through the use of a resource editor to delete menu items. Resource Editors are included with many development systems, such as InPrise Delphi and Borland C, Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C++. In version 12.0 or later, we recommend you see the "kiosk mode" option below.

Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode limits the menu options given to a user. This method is activated with a command-line switch. The command line contains either "/k" or "/k:nnn", where "nnn" is a number. If "nnn" is not given it is assumed to be zero. See our Kiosk mode in Anzio document.

Colors and fonts

Anzio has the capability to change the color of the screen text and attributes to match what the user desires. See our document on Color mapping in Anzio.

Also, Anzio has the ability to change the default font used and the size of the fonts. See the documents International language support in Anzio to learn more about the interaction of fonts and font sizes in Anzio.

Screen handling

  • Anzio has the capability to control many aspects of the actual screen, including size, font, text and how much real estate it occupies.
  • You can set the zoom mode by doing an Alt-Z to maximize the screen
  • You can set "super-zoom" mode under the View menu, where Anzio takes over the whole screen with no menus (pop-up menus with the right-mouse-click still work however).
  • You can adjust the size or tile the Anzio screen and it will auto-adjust the sizes.
  • You can select a screen font and size, and let Anzio adjust the Windows size (or use Alt-L and Alt-S to select larger or smaller font sizes).

And all of this is saved with your default settings so the window will appear the same the next time.

Make Anzio your Windows default application

With a little playing around and with "super-zoom" turned on, you can make Anzio into your default startup Windows application by either including it as a Windows Startup item (in the Windows Startup folder), or by placing it into the "run" variable of the Windows registry (consult Microsoft documentation on how to do this).


The options are really unlimited. If you cannot find a way to make Anzio look and feel as you want, we can help. And if we have no immediate solution, we can do a customized version of Anzio Lite or AnzioWin with minimum costs. Check out our Customize Services web page for more information.


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