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Debugging and Logging in Print Wizard

Print Wizard has the option to log all messages to a log file, tracking what may have happened and what information was received. It also have the ability to display and/or log debug information making it easy to track down what may be happening with specific print jobs and their layout. All of this is controlled from the Print Wizard User Interface and through various support file options that can be set.

Debug flags

There are numerous "debug" flags used throughout the Print Wizard programs. These "stack" similar to the way in which the default files do:

  • On startup, defaults are loaded with a "debug" flag setting
  • A master profile may be loaded, overriding the default debug flag
  • A profile may be loaded overriding the current debug setting
  • If applicable, a service may be loaded overriding the current debug setting
  • If you are running Print Wizard engine from the UI (PWUI), there is a menu item for debug that may get passed as a command-line switch
  • Within the default file, the profile and the service, there are spawn commands for the Print Wizard engine, whereby they could be manually edited to include a command line parameter turning debug on or off
  • The Print Wizard engine itself has a command line option to show debug information on what it prints. This is done with the /debug or /vdebug command line switch. The additional information displayed gives the results of the Print Wizard analyze section, showing how it arrived at its results. This can be quite revealing of the data you received and what is actually in the data stream.

Log files

By default, the usual log file name of "printwiz.log" is used and is located in the same directory as the executables.

You can change the name of this file by manually editing the “LogName” field in the “printwiz.ini” default file.

If you are running a Print Wizard service or a Windows service a different log file name may be used by manually changing the name in the “printwiz.ini” default file. Change the name of “LogSvc” to override the log file used for services. This affects the stand-alone programs, PwDespool, PwListen and PwLpd, as well as the Windows services program, PwServices.

Also in the default “printwiz.ini” file, there is a setting for “LogMax” which determines the maximum number of bytes that the file can be. Once the file gets to this size, lines of log entries will drop off, oldest first. By default this value is set at 20,480,000 bytes.

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