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FilePro - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Print Wizard?

Print Wizard is a family of programs dealing with printing, scanning, faxing, PDF generation, and emailing.

What programs are part of the Print Wizard family?

Print Wizard Server Edition

PWSE makes a Windows machine act as a printer server. It can accept jobs in a variety of ways from other computers or the same computer.

Print Wizard Personal Edition

PWPE is a more limited version, that must be launched for each print job.

WēPO – Web Print Object

WēPO is an ActiveX object for use on a web page.


AnzioWin is our robust terminal emulation client.  It includes the Print Wizard engine for use with passthrough print. (Anzio Lite does not have this feature.)

What platform does Print Wizard run on?

All versions of Print Wizard run on Windows. We recommend Windows XP or later, up through Vista and Server 2008. When your MV runs on a Linux platform, you send the print jobs to a Print Wizard on a Windows box.

What will Print Wizard do for FilePro users?

Many things, including form overlay printing, barcode printing, faxing, PDF generation/emailing, scanning, and more. And just getting printout correct!

What kind of print data can I send to Print Wizard?

Can I send plain text?

Yes. Print Wizard will analyze the data and auto-fit it to the page. It can be configured to automatically switch to landscape orientation for wide-format reports.

Can I send PCL-5?

Yes. Print Wizard can send the PCL-5 transparently to the printer (assuming the printer can handle it), or Print Wizard can read and translate the PCL-5.

Can I send HTML?

Maybe. Print Wizard can understand and handle many elements of HTML.

How can I get more control of Print Wizard’s printing?

Adjust your printing programs to output Print Wizard Markup Language (PWML).  This is similar to HTML, but provides additional capabilities, such as barcode printing, precise placement, rotated text, etc.

Can I send image files?

Yes. Print Wizard can print many kinds of image files, such as .BMP, .PNG, .TIF, etc.  It will print these full-page.

Can I send .DOC files, etc.?

In many cases, yes.  Some forms of Print Wizard have “Smart Print” – Print Wizard will receive the job and pass it off to the appropriate printing program.

Can I send .PDF files?

In current release, Print Wizard will handle these using “Smart Print”; that is, it will invoke Acrobat or Adobe Reader to do the printing. Soon, though, Print Wizard will be able to handle PDFs directly.

What is Print Wizard’s output?

What kind of printers can Print Wizard use?

Print Wizard can output to any Windows-supported printer, even Windows-only printers. It makes thorough use of the printer driver to make output device independent.

What kind of fax engine can Print Wizard use?

Print Wizard can drive the fax engine included with later versions of Windows, including the fax server feature on 2003 Server and SBS.

How can Print Wizard generate PDFs?

Print Wizard has a built-in PDF generator. No other software is required. Any of the input formats described above, including PCL-5, can be converted into PDFs.

How can I control what Print Wizard does…

…as an end user?

Print Wizard (in its various forms) can run in interactive mode, in which it asks the user how to handle each job – what the destination is, whether an overlay should be used, whom to fax to, etc.

…from the FilePro program?

A typical setup inside FilePro for faxing might look something like this.

PARAM.LIST<2> = '5555551212'
*PARAM.LIST<3> = 'C:\pwOverlays\my-overlay.pcl'
CMND = '!fax32 '
*CMND = CMND : ' /ac:\pwattachments\test2.pdf'
CMND = CMND : ' /ac:\pwattachments\test.pdf'
CMND = CMND : ' /n"test note line 1 and | line 2"'
CMND = CMND : ' /x':'5555551212'
CMND = CMND : ' /j"My Test"'

From this example, you can get ideas on setting up FilePro for various options for printing, generating a PDF or generating a PDF and emailing it. Call us for help setting up Print WIzard to meet your needs.

How can I eliminate preprinted forms?

Print Wizard can print form images along with the main data.  It can also do this while generating PDFs and faxes.  Form images can be in color.

Where do form images come from?

You can scan an existing paper form to a file, and use that file as an overlay.

You can send that file to Rasmussen Software, and we will convert it from an image to the corresponding lines, boxes, and text, for a fee.

You can take an available PDF file and convert it to a format Print Wizard can use.

What can Print Wizard do with a scanner?

Print Wizard can control any TWAIN-compatible scanner, either interactively or automatically, to read images as primary documents, overlays, or attachments.

How can Print Wizard email?

Print Wizard interacts with Windows components to allow emailing several ways, including via Outlook, SMTP, SMTP with SSL, MAPI, and more.

How is Print Wizard licensed?

This varies greatly depending on the kind of Print Wizard you need, which depends on your computing environment.  Please see details online, or contact us.

Is a demo version available?

Yes.  If you download a demo from the web site it will operate for 60 days.  Purchase a license and enter it, and the demo becomes a live version.

Where can I get more information?

Telephone 503-624-0360

If you have any questions on the above information, feel free to call or email us at .

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