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Firewall and Winsock Errors with Terminal Emulators


Winsock errors most often occur as a result of some network problem. As an example, winsock error 10022 means some process or program tried an "invalid argument" to the Windows network drivers - in fact this error number can be a kind of catch-all error.

Many other winsock errors are possible when dealing with firewall and security software blocking network access.

Where we most often see these types of errors is with some personal firewall blocking traffic. They are most often seen with Zone Alarm, Black ICE, Norton Internet Security or McAfee Internet Security Suite.



If this is a new machine or you have recently installed or updated any internet security software, the problem is most likely related to the personal firewall they turn on.

  • Even if this was working before, some updates may reactivate the personal firewall or clear the firewall exceptions tables.
  • Windows Firewall is not usually the problem because by default it does not block outbound traffic, just inbound traffic, whereas others block both. However, you can turn outbound traffic blocking on as well, so you may want to check this if you have messed with any Windows Firewall default settings.
  • While you may be able to "ping" the host, do normal web access and even use Windows "telnet", the security suite's firewall software, by default, will prevent access for any other programs trying to access non-web network ports.

First Test

A good first test is to disable the firewall in these programs and restart your PC.

If Anzio still will not connect, you may also need to restart Anzio from a clean startup by going under the Windows Start:Program:Anzio folder and selecting "Anzio (new connection)". Try your connection now. And if everything works, re-save your default settings under the File menu in Anzio over the top of your current settings.

Final Solution

If you are able to connect with the firewall disabled, you can then re-enable the firewall and go to the firewall configuration software and add Anzio or the network port it uses as an exception.

If you are not able to connect, but the error 10022 has stopped showing up, you may have other network issues. If you are running the latest Anzio program, look under the Diagnose menu and "Debug communications" for more information on what may be happening now.

  • All of these programs have the ability for outbound network ports to be open. By default, Anzio uses port 23 for telnet and port 22 for SSH (Secure Shell). You can allow these ports in the firewall software.
  • Most all of these programs also allow for an "exceptions" list of programs that have outbound access. Add the appropriate Anzio program to their "exceptions" list ("anzio32r.exe" for Anzio Lite and "anzio32.exe" for AnzioWin, found in the default Anzio directory, usually C:\Program Files\Anzio15\).

It is often necessary to restart the PC after any firewall changes for those changes to take affect.

Also, it may be necessary to start a new Anzio session in order for Anzio to connect. Go under the Windows Start:Programs:Anzio folder and select "Anzio (new connection)" and establish a new network connection. Once connected, save these new default settings through the File menu over the top of the old.

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