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Generating and Emailing a PDF File

Print Wizard version 3.0 has the ability to produce PDF compatible files and then email them. Your PC must either support CDO or your email server must be willing to accept SMTP email for relaying from your PC.

Microsoft’s CDO, Collaboration Data Objects, wraps around MAPI to provide quick stand-alone emailing. MAPI is a set of objects installed with Exchange and/or Outlook to provide user and third party applications with access to Microsoft’s Messaging Application Programming Interface objects.

SMTP is the common Internet Simple Mail Transport Protocol used by nearly all email gateways.

With either of these in place, Print Wizard can automate emailing any output file it produces, such a generated PDF file.

Setting up email

From the Print Wizard User Interface program you will need to set up emailing. You can also set a default email type in here. Go to the Tools menu and select “Setup email…”. From here you can highlight whichever email type you wish to set up. Also you can check which email type you want as your default.

Running from an application or script

With command-line parameters, you can easily run the Print Wizard engine and produce and email a PDF file. To do this, you might do something similar to the following

“c:\program files\printwiz30\printwiz.exe” /pdf c:\myfile.txt / /j"my subject line" /n"note line 1|and line 2|and line 3" /q

(all as one line). This tells the Print Wizard engine to generate a PDF automatically, and then email it to using the default email setup (in this case CDO).

Running from a service

Likewise, you can set up a Print Wizard service that uses a Print Wizard profile that does the same thing, generate a PDF and then email it. You can even set the service up to either always fax to the same number or to always ask for fax-to number.

Refer to documentation on Services and Faxing for more information.

PDF and email from the user interface

From within the Print Wizard User Interface, you can also generate a PDF and email it.

First select a file, then press the appropriate toolbar icon or select Generate PDF from the File menu. Next, enter a name for the PDF or use the one entered for you, and check the “Email generated file”.

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