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Going Green with Print Wizard


"Green" is the big push these days. Print Wizard version has the ability to produce PDF compatible files from a number of different sources and a number of different options that can help move you in that direction. In this article, we hope to describe some of the various options available and make you aware of the capabilities of Print Wizard and PDF generation.

Printing to PDF

Print Wizard’s ability to take a common print job and generate a PDF is not something new, Adobe has been doing it for many years. Print Wizard's ability to take a legacy report out of database applications, format it fit modern print sizes for standard printing, apply an overlay, split a large job into multiple subjobs, and then to generate a PDF for each, is where Print Wizard has the advantage.

Add to this the ability to rearrange data on the page, apply a series of overlays, fax and email the individual subjobs or generated PDFs, and Print Wizard has a decided advantage.

Generating a PDF saves paper, yes, but even more, utilizing PDFs over print jobs, can get print output to the customer or end-user faster and can provide a better method of archiving than filing or rescanning a printout.

Utilizing PDFs is good business practice, and now Print Wizard can fit it to your legacy and database reporting schemes.

Getting Jobs to the User

Print Wizard Server Edition can take input from a number of different sources and reformat and output as generated PDFs. These PDFs can be used for archiving, for printing later, for emailing and for faxing.

Additionally, Print Wizard itself can format and fax the data directly, or generate a PDF and then immediately email it, creating an archived file and a readable attachment for any user.

Archiving to PDF

Print Wizard's PDF output matches the Adobe standard that has been around for years and promises to be for more to come. This makes an ideal solution to digitally archiving print output. From invoices, to purchase orders, from annual reports to daily queries, all your print data can be archived as a PDF and you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to read it in the future.

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Last reviewed and edited July 8, 2014

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