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Basis - Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about using Rasmussen Software products use with BASIS.

What products does Rasmussen offer for the BASIS marketplace?

We offer terminal emulation, in the form of Anzio Lite and AnzioWin, and printing enhancement products in various forms.

How can Anzio enhance the PRO/5 experience?

Anzio is a rock solid terminal emulator that is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to administer. It supports connections via telnet, SSH, serial, and modem. It supports color, 80/132-columns, key mapping, kiosk mode, passthrough print, and on and on. With PRO/5, it supports “per-seat licensing”.

How does per-seat licensing support work?

Anzio can coordinate with PRO/5 so that multiple instances of Anzio running on one PC consume only one user license to PRO/5. Our document on BBX per-seat licensing explains how to set this up. Note that this does not violate the license agreement you have with BASIS.

How do multiple sessions behave?

Multiple sessions of Anzio each run in a separate window. Each can be sized, moved, zoomed, or minimized separately. To move quickly between Anzio sessions, you can use the ctrl-Tab key combination.

What’s the difference between Anzio Lite and AnzioWin?

Anzio Lite is a low cost solution that provides complete terminal emulation and passthrough print. It is adequate for many users. AnzioWin adds some significant features, notably FTP/SFTP support, macro key management, and the built-in Print Wizard engine (more on this below).

Can Anzio work with BBj?

No. If you’re running BBj, that is your client, and you don’t need a terminal emulator.

Does Anzio Lite support printing?

Yes, Anzio Lite supports passthrough printing from your PRO/5 programs. It actually supports printing at 4 different levels, ranging from direct port output to use of the Windows printing API. You can print plain text coming from PRO/5, with some control of paper size, orientation, etc. If your PRO/5 program outputs escape codes, such as PCL, and your printer understands those codes, Anzio can pass your print data through transparently.

How can we improve our printing?

Our Print Wizard engine can solve many printing problems and enhance the print output, as well as convert it to fax or PDF. Print Wizard exists in several forms, as explained below.

Print Wizard can accept plain text data, and it will auto-fit that data to the page. It can take data with PCL-5 escape codes in it, and translate those codes in order to print on any printer (or fax or PDF). It can combine print data with a form overlay.

Print Wizard can also accept data containing Print Wizard Markup Language (PWML), which is based on HTML. By making your programs output PWML, you can control printing format, paper size, orientation, duplex, etc. You can include images, font changes, barcodes, line drawing, international characters, and more.

How can a Unix/Linux-based PRO/5 system use Print Wizard?

The easiest way is to do passthrough print through AnzioWin, which contains the Print Wizard engine. Your programs can control which printer AnzioWin uses, and nearly everything else related to its printing.

It’s also possible to send print jobs from the Unix/Linux system to a Print Wizard Server Edition (PWSE), running on a PC that acts as a print server. There are several ways to “feed” the data to PWSE, as explained in the Print Wizard Technical Description.

How can a BBj-based system use Print Wizard?

From a BBj program you can create a print file on disk, and then invoke Print Wizard. In this case you could use Print Wizard Personal Edition (PWPE). You can construct an alias in your config file that will do all this for you.

How can I get reliable printing in a web browser environment?

If you are putting a web front end on a Basic system, you have probably discovered that you have a hard time controlling printing format. Our Web Print Object, or WēPO, is Print Wizard in the form of an ActiveX object. It can be embedded in your web pages, where it will appear as a “Print” button. Behind the scenes, WēPO does all the actual printing, giving you access to all of Print Wizard’s capabilities.

Are demos available?

Of course! See our web site at

What’s the pricing structure?

Anzio Lite is licensed per PC, starting at $40. AnzioWin is licensed per PC, starting at $150. Print Wizard Server Edition, Print Wizard Personal Edition, and Web Print Object have more complicated licensing. Please see our web site.

Is there a reseller program?

Yes. It provides a discount and an NFR (not for resale) copy of our software. Contact us for details.

Where can I get more information?

Our web site at has support documents, demos, product manuals, and more. You can also call us at 503-624-0360, or email

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