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BBX per-seat licensing


Both Anzio Lite and AnzioWin, beginning with version 12.6zd, can be used to run multiple sessions on one PC while consuming only one license of BBX.

How to Set It Up

Download and install Anzio Lite or AnzioWin.

The first configuration necessary in Anzio is to use one of the terminal types that contain this feature. For version 12.6zd that means SCOANSI (recommended), Linux, or VT-something. For version 15 and later, that means any emulation except C332.

Next, in later versions of Anzio, you must tell Anzio to allow and obey command sequences sent from the host. Go to Edit:Advanced Options:Security, and checkmark the box that starts "Hex 1C/1D".

The rest of the configuration must be done on the host system where BBX runs. It consists of several environment variables. These can be set in a login script (.bashrc, .profile, etc.) or in a script that starts Pro5. Here is the first part of my script that starts Pro5 (your syntax may vary):

export FACETTYPE=FacetWin
printf "\034env/s anz_ip\035"

Note that FACETWINIPADDRPC gets set dynamically to Anzio's PC-side IP address.

Note that the 3rd line ASSUMES that Anzio is running. If a different terminal emulator is running, the 'read' will hang. If you need to detect whether the terminal is Anzio, see other knowledgebase articles and support documents at our web site on detecting Anzio from the host.

NOTE: For this to work, Anzio must respond to commands from the server such as the "env/s" command shown above. This behavior is controlled by one of Anzio's security settings. Go to Edit:Advanced Options:Security, and make sure there is a checkmark on "Hex 1C/1D = Internal command language".

Where can I get more information?

Our web site at has support documents, demos, product manuals, and more. You can also call us at 503-624-0360, or email

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